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Whether you are marketing a home, rural acreage, a development site, a commercial property or an off-the-plan development an aerial photo or video is always a useful perspective for potential real estate clients. Selling is about highlighting the positives. A unique birds-eye view can be the difference between attracting the right attention or simply being lost in the crowded forest of information. 

Avery Aerial Photography (AAP) are the experts that you can trust. By capturing images of your property listing from 15 to 120 metres above the ground, you can clearly show its proximity to important landmarks and recognisable features:

  • Schools

  • Beaches

  • Parks

  • Bus Stops and Train Stations

  • Universities

  • Shopping Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

Don’t just tell them, show them! 

 Avery Aerial Photography can also help you to highlight the relative size, position and layout of the listing compared to neighbouring properties and structures. Aerial photography is particularly powerful on a large scale, offering the perfect solution for visually representing tricky-to-explain features such as dams or fences on acreage, the hardstand of an industrial listing, the parking lot of a commercial property or the position of lot boundaries. Most exciting of all, it is also possible to show potential buyers what a real view will look like from a multi-story building that is yet to be constructed. Avery Aerial Photography can capture photos from a designated height, for example the 10th floor might be 32.5m high. Again, don’t just tell them, show them.


Avery Aerial Photography is a CASA-certified operator of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We are fully licensed drone pilots. Additionally, our company is fully insured. Being fully certified and fully insured are mandatory requirements under Australian law, yet that only forms part of the picture. The other important reason for trusting your images to AAP is because we only use the most advanced technology and equipment. We have made an investment in photo quality so our customers know they are getting the best possible result, every time. It is our responsibility to do your listings justice.


In Australia all commercial drone operators must be certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). It is important to be aware that any drone operators receiving commercial gain must be certified.Their certification must cover the individual pilot and the business plus they should also provide public liability insurance.Be aware, there is a lot of risk to operating a drone in the same airspace as other aircrafts, big or small.So before you engage an aerial photographer you should always ask for their CASA certificate and public liability insurance details. 

Also, you should be aware that there are some locations and times that may be restricted, thus drones are not permitted to be operational. If you have any questions regards drone operation, feel free to contact us at any time.